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Growth only comes from the edge of comfort; in order to advance beyond the ordinary, innovative people come together and boundaries are pushed.

Just Peel is a leading brand agency providing innovative print and point of sale solutions to blue-chip brands across multiple sectors. The team at Just Peel reject conventional limitations, instead creating unique, engaging POS and marketing assets that make brands standout and get noticed. Dev Clever is a true digital innovations company. With endless ideas, the team of digital architect’s design and produce quirky, progressive and ultimately award winning platforms for some of the World’s largest retailers, brands and institutions.

Just Peel and Dev Clever have come together to deliver end to end customer engagement campaigns for brands and retailers. Collaboratively the teams push beyond the boundaries of normal, surpassing the ordinary to achieve an entirely new level of customer engagement.

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Our Services

Brand Design

Our dedicated team of creative designers are experts at reaching your target demographic; we work on a personal level to incorporate stunning artwork and visuals.

Instant Win Games

Our innovative digital team will incentivise your customers; we develop fun instant win campaigns that will keep them engaged with your brand and reinforce customer loyalty.


Our digital innovators can realise your campaign as we bring your products to life within your customers’ world.


Immerses your customers in virtual reality; see them step in to your world and engage with your brand or your product without ever leaving their seat.

Vouchers and Coupons

Incentives drive sales. JP Clever work with the industry’s leading voucher and coupon management engines to maximise customers rewards.

Social Media Applications

Our social specialists can develop interactive social media applications for your business and help you lever the most from your customers’ social networks.


Our team can provide you with a complete end to end mobile application development. Our solutions will ensure your brand is in the palm of your customers’ hands.


At JP Clever we can help you harvester, manage and filter consumer data in order for you to communicate relevant information with your customers.


Quick response codes provide a quick link from your printed marketing assets to your digital platforms. Find out how JP Clever can stabilize your QR management.

Print Fulfilment

As a business, we have established relationships with the country’s leading printers; subsequently we offer our clients first rate print management and fulfilment.

Point of Sale

We provide innovative POS design and fulfilment; this helps you present your brand or message to customers at the exact point of purchase.

End to End

By working together, the team at JP Clever can provide you with a complete end to end campaign solutions from concept creation to live activation and all with a single point of contact.

In the Clever Studio

Some of our Clever Clients


Sometimes there is just something missing. Our team produces distinctive, progressive and memorable campaigns that will maximise your customer engagement. Our endless ideas will find your ‘something’, ensuring your brand gets noticed and positioned at the forefront of competitors.


Immerse your customers in virtual reality and see them step in to your world and engage with your brand or your product without ever leaving their seat.



Drench recently utilised our combined ideas and skills to assist in their recent rebranding. Introducing a more premium bottle, Drench challenged our team with two objectives: to engage customers with the new bottle and to persuade Vendors to exclusively stock Drench. Our teams produced the “Winning Flavours” game, engaging the user by prompting them to choose their favourite Drench flavour drink before playing the game. We created ‘The Propeller’ as an easily transferrable solution to the existing pre-labelled bottles; the detachable label fits over the bottle neck, encouraging further customer engagement if the user chooses to remove the label before drinking.

Egg Smash

Utilising the knowledge of the Dev Clever and Just Peel teams, Egg Smash demonstrates the product of interesting and effective collaborative ideas. Produced in conjunction with J20 and Mitchells and Butler, the fun virtual reality app is used in Harvester restaurants and appeals to customers Nationwide. After playing the user is left with ideas of the contemporary, refreshing and memorable game, with that impression ultimately extending to the associated brands. Completing the processes from conception to realisation, all aspects of concept design to point of sale were realised by our collaborative teams. Egg smash highlights the potential extent of our involvement, as when required, our teams come together to develop and ultimately deliver innovative whole campaigns.

Bunny Hunt VR

Dev Clever and Just Peels’ recent partnership surpassed the ordinary, developing a series of unique and exclusive platforms for customer engagement. The objective was to engage customers with J20 in Toby Carvery and Harvester restaurants during Easter. Centralizing product placement and brand awareness, our teams developed the virtual reality game Bunny Hunt as a primary means of communicating with the customer. The user navigates the fun and accessible game, which equally entertains and supports brand consumption. In order to maximize the point of sale we created a collection of distinctive Bunny Ears, advertising the relevant QR code; once attached to straws, the bunny ears became a vivid, interactive and unforgettable visual brand prompt.

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